Notice on GO device and 3rd party devices

Geotab has learned that connecting a GO device to a light duty vehicle where a 3rd party device is connected can cause the 3rd party device to cease to function. This includes but is not limited to: wheelchair lifts, idle control modules, PTO’s, etc…

If the 3rd party device’s method of communication does not use standard OBDII commands OR if the 3rd party device was connected to the vehicle before the GO device, and the customer notices that the 3rd party device has stopped functioning, they should contact their reseller and Geotab support to enable “listen-only” mode on the GO device. A customer is also encouraged to contact the 3rd party device vendor and enquire about a possible “compatibility mode” setting for the device. If a “compatibility mode” is available and is enabled, the GO device can potentially be taken off the “listen-only” mode.

Note: When in “listen-only” mode, all vehicle types (except J1939 or GM) will have reduced engine data support. For example, a device cannot request RPM when in “listen-only” mode and idle time calculation will not be accurate.

In the case of a scan tool that is connected for a temporary period of time AFTER the GO device is connected, the GO device will detect the presence of another device and will temporarily stop requesting OBD parameters completely (no engine data) for 10 minutes at a time after every message detected from the scan tool until it is removed. Note that this assumes the GO device was plugged in and the vehicle was driven for 5 km before the 3rd party devices was connected.

Please see this link for more information and other installation and compatibility notes.

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Notification of Changes to Engine Data Diagnostic Information

Geotab is making improvements to the reporting of engine data diagnostic information. As a result the text description for a number of diagnostic codes have been revised. The majority of changes to the descriptions will be minor in nature. Users who have developed customized reporting systems based on the text portion of the diagnostic information may be impacted. Pivot tables or other systems which collect the diagnostic data based on the text description may now find they have invalid links to the data. In such cases, please refer to the applicable code number to ensure the correct item has been linked. Additionally, links referencing diagnostic code numbers should not be impacted.

A number of new diagnostic codes have been defined and can be added to your reporting data.

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BING Map Issue – Update –> RESOLVED


The issue affecting BING Maps from earlier today has been corrected and users should no longer experience any further issues with BING Maps in MyGeotab.

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BING Map Issue

We are aware of an issue with BING Maps that may be affecting some of the MyGeotab servers. The error message that may appear in the Map View of MyGeotab is: “The specified credentials are invalid…”

We are working with Microsoft on getting this issue resolved with top priority.

If you encounter this issue – please switch to another map provider (“Administration” –> “System” –> “System Settings” –> “Maps” ) as a temporary workaround.

We will send another notice when the issue has been resolved.

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Google Maps intermittent performance issues

Geotab is aware of an issue with Google Maps which may impact address lookup performance in certian cases. If you are experiencing delays in obtaining address information from Google, please note that switching to an alternate map provider is an option. This can be done through the System Settings in MyGeotab.

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Geotab Response to GM Bulletin

Geotab has become aware of the following GM service bulletin titled GM Service Bulletin #13-08-116-001A: Aftermarket ALDL or DLC Interface Devices Causing Multiple Issues – (Mar 22, 2013). A link to the contents of this bulletin is available at

A formal response to this bulletin from Geotab is available at

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Product Announcement: HRN-DS06S4


Name: HRN-DS06S4
Replaces: HRN-D6HD
Description: 6 Pin straight harness for North American Heavy Duty Deutsch connector installations. Replaces HRN-D6HD.
GO Devices supported: GO5, GO6 and GO7.
What has Changed: The harness is now 100cm in length (39 inches) allowing the GO device to be installed without the need for a HRN-BS16S4 (Install Pack).
Purpose: Straight harness used to move the GO device under the dash and out of sight.
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MyGeotab October Release Address Lookup Issue

Geotab is aware of an issue with our map provider which could cause address lookup requests to fail for customers running the latest MyGeotab October release. We expect this issue to be resolved within the next 2 hours. If this is currently impacting your use of the software, please use an alternate map provider by clicking on Administration->System->System Settings->Maps.

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MyGeotab 5.7.1 Release

Please note, Geotab will be making the new release of MyGeotab available to all new customers beginning Monday November 3rd. From this date any new databases registered on MyGeotab will be registered on the new release.

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Device communication issues on the Rogers network – RESOLVED

Rogers technical support has confirmed that the service issue they were experiencing in Canada last week had been resolved . If there any outstanding issues regarding Rogers devices failing to connect to the network, please contact support.

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