Geotab Temporary Disruption of Service – RESOLVED

Geotab is currently experiencing server issues with their cloud provider which is impacting access to their website

Their engineers are aware and are working closely with their cloud provider to restore service as fast as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this issue.

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MyGeotab In Vehicle Notification Issue – RESOLVED

Please note, Geotab has resolved the issue affecting in vehicle notifications from being generated. We have put counter-measures in place to prevent this issue from occurring in the future. If you continue to experience any issues regarding in vehicle notifications, please contact Geotab Support for assistance. Thank you.

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MyGeotab In Vehicle Notification Issue

Please note, Geotab has become aware of an issue which is preventing in-vehicle notifications of exception violations from being generated. This issue only affects the device feedback inside the vehicle. Exceptions will still be generated correctly and can be viewed in the MyGeotab Exceptions Report. Geotab is working to resolve this issue and will provide further updates as they become available.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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Update: MyGeotab USB downloader issue

With regards to the USB downloader issue addressed on March 2nd 2015, the Geotab development team has since isolated the software problem and released a patched MyGeotab version last night to all applicable servers. As a result, customer USB downloaders should now be fully operational and no further end user action is required. Any outstanding problems in this regard should be addressed to Fleetistics support.

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MyGeotab USB downloader issue

Affecting legacy GO4 RF users only, Geotab is aware of a software issue which has affected RF USB downloader functionality on customer PCs. As a result, these downloaders are not able to successfully download information into the customer database. Our software development team is investigating the matter with high priority. Until the issue is resolved to get the USB downloader functioning again, please log into the PC hosting the RF service and follow these steps:

  1. Open a web browser and log into MyGeotab with administrative credentials
  2. Navigate to Administration -> System -> Keys & RF -> PC USB Downloader
  3. Stop the service (if applicable)
  4. Enter administrative credentials to the database and start the service.

If an error message appears at this point, click “OK”, and try to start the service once more. Another bulletin will be sent out once further information is released by our software development team. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and thank you for your patience while we work towards a permanent resolution.

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Product Update: Last Time Buy for GO4 Driver ID Keys

While Geotab announced an End Of Life (EOL) of GO4 products over a year ago, they appreciate there continues to be demand for the GO4 Driver ID Keys. In light of this, Geotab is offering a one-time only, Last Time Buy for these products. To participate here is some information you’ll need to know:

  1. They are planning an order for the following products for a Last Time Buy:
    • GEO-KEYBLUE (Data Transfer Key)
    • GEO-KEYGREEN (Driver ID Key)
    • GEO-KEYRED (Accident Data Key)
    • GEO-KEYYELLOW (Installer Test Key)
  2. There will be an 8-10 week lead time from the time they place the order to the time they ship them from the Geotab warehouse.
  3. You need to have your orders in no later than 3pm ET Friday, February 27th.
  4. Geotab will not be warehousing keys. When they arrive, the full amount will be shipped to the location as specified.
  5. Multiple orders can be submitted if drop-shipping is desired.

There is a minimum quantity order of 1,000 keys per color from our supplier. If Geotab does not get sufficient orders for a particular key they will not be able to place the order – however they will let us know if your order will not be fulfilled.

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USB Key and RF Downloader Issue Affecting Windows 7.1 and Windows 8

This notice only applies to customers using legacy GO4 RF (including all computers running an RF USB base station or a USB Key Downloader)

Geotab has become aware of an issue affecting customers with a RF USB base station or a USB Key Downloader connected to a PC running Windows 7.1 or Windows 8. During startup,the PC will blue screen if the USB downloader is connected. Geotab is actively working to resolve this issue and will provide a further update once a resolution has been found. This issue only affects Windows 7.1 and Windows 8 PCs with a USB RF or Key Downloader attached.

As a temporary workaround, please disconnected any RF or Key downloader and reboot the PC if you are experiencing this issue. Once the PC has booted into Windows you will be able to attach and use the USB downloader without issue.

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Notice on GO device and 3rd party devices

Geotab has learned that connecting a GO device to a light duty vehicle where a 3rd party device is connected can cause the 3rd party device to cease to function. This includes but is not limited to: wheelchair lifts, idle control modules, PTO’s, etc…

If the 3rd party device’s method of communication does not use standard OBDII commands OR if the 3rd party device was connected to the vehicle before the GO device, and the customer notices that the 3rd party device has stopped functioning, they should contact their reseller and Geotab support to enable “listen-only” mode on the GO device. A customer is also encouraged to contact the 3rd party device vendor and enquire about a possible “compatibility mode” setting for the device. If a “compatibility mode” is available and is enabled, the GO device can potentially be taken off the “listen-only” mode.

Note: When in “listen-only” mode, all vehicle types (except J1939 or GM) will have reduced engine data support. For example, a device cannot request RPM when in “listen-only” mode and idle time calculation will not be accurate.

In the case of a scan tool that is connected for a temporary period of time AFTER the GO device is connected, the GO device will detect the presence of another device and will temporarily stop requesting OBD parameters completely (no engine data) for 10 minutes at a time after every message detected from the scan tool until it is removed. Note that this assumes the GO device was plugged in and the vehicle was driven for 5 km before the 3rd party devices was connected.

Please see this link for more information and other installation and compatibility notes.

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Notification of Changes to Engine Data Diagnostic Information

Geotab is making improvements to the reporting of engine data diagnostic information. As a result the text description for a number of diagnostic codes have been revised. The majority of changes to the descriptions will be minor in nature. Users who have developed customized reporting systems based on the text portion of the diagnostic information may be impacted. Pivot tables or other systems which collect the diagnostic data based on the text description may now find they have invalid links to the data. In such cases, please refer to the applicable code number to ensure the correct item has been linked. Additionally, links referencing diagnostic code numbers should not be impacted.

A number of new diagnostic codes have been defined and can be added to your reporting data.

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BING Map Issue – Update –> RESOLVED


The issue affecting BING Maps from earlier today has been corrected and users should no longer experience any further issues with BING Maps in MyGeotab.

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