Device communication issues on the Rogers network – RESOLVED

Rogers technical support has confirmed that the service issue they were experiencing in Canada last week had been resolved . If there any outstanding issues regarding Rogers devices failing to connect to the network, please contact support.

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Geotab DNS Intermittent Connection Issue – RESOLVED

Geotab has confirmed this morning that the DNS issue affecting the domain has been resolved. We have confirmed that devices from all supported carriers are connecting to our servers. If you are still experiencing connectivity issues, please contact support for assistance. Thank you.

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Geotab DNS Intermittent Connection Issue – UPDATE

Saturday morning at approximately 12:00am EST Geotab’s DNS provider experienced an issue which affected a large number of users from being able to access the domain. Our IT team has failed over to an alternate DNS provider and have verified that all services are currently up and running. Customer’s may still experience issues connecting to Geotab services while the DNS changes are propagated throughout the Internet’s DNS servers.

Mail to Geotab would have been delayed that was sent after 12am and before 9am Saturday.​ Geotab is currently reviewing the issue with Google to determine the cause of the DNS service outage.

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Device communication issues on the Rogers network

Geotab is aware of intermittent communication issues being experienced by Rogers devices in Canada. We are currently monitoring the situation and will provide another update once more information is available.

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My6 emergency maintenance

My6 will be down for the next couple of hours for emergency maintenance. Another update will be sent out once the maintenance is complete.

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MyGeotab Dashboard Issue – RESOLVED

Geotab is aware of an issue on where dashboards are not displaying across multiple databases. We have isolated the cause of this issue and have corrected the issue on all MyGeotab servers. If you are still experiencing issues running Excel reports or pulling data from the dashboard, please contact support immediately for assistance. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this issue.

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Expiration Notice

Some of you may have received this message. Please disregard, it was incorrectly published by Geotab.

“This Checkmate build will expire on 01/10/2014. Please contact your Geotab reseller for an update”

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Clickonce Deprecated in Google Chrome Browser

As of today all ClickOnce Chrome extensions have been automatically disabled as Google has deprecated this service. If you are using Google Chrome you can still enable this extension from the Chrome Extension Settings menu by following steps outlined in the picture below.



Please be aware that ClickOnce is no longer officially supported by Google and violates their Web Store Policy. As an alternative to using ClickOnce users may also use the following Exe file to access all MyGeotab features.

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2012-2014 Ford Focus TSB Issue – IMPORTANT

Geotab has recently become aware of a Ford Focus Service Bulletin affecting all 2012 – 2014 Ford Focus’s. The bulletin indicates that there is the potential in these vehicles for the CAN circuit located on the underside of the front passenger seat to short to ground. This issue can cause erratic behavior to occur inside the vehicle. Possible symptoms include engine warning lights to appear on the dash, loss of power steering/brakes, failure to start the vehicle, and the potential to stall the vehicle while moving. We have seen that the likelihood of these symptoms occurring is higher with a GO6 device installed.

Geotab strongly recommends that any customer using a GO6 device in a 2012 – 2014 Ford Focus have the vehicle serviced under the TSB Reference #ASI-44460 before continuing to use the GO device in the vehicle.

More information on this issue is available here:

NHTSA Reference #10055324, TSB Reference #ASI-44460

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MyGeotab/MyAdmin Maintenance

There will be a scheduled MyAdmin maintenance on Sunday August 31, 2014 beginning at 6 AM EST. The maintenance period should last until midday. During this time, MyAdmin order history may not be accessible.

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